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Shouts to Michael Kaminsky for one of the best reviews we’ve read on the Pursuance EP:

Soul Khan, on his third release of the year the Pursuance EP, continues with his consistent soul sample sounds, top-tier lyrics, and a hunger for Hip Hop hegemony.
Boasting inspired rhymes, Santa Claus visuals, and Morgan Freeman narration (kind of),Pursuance has all the makings of a holiday blockbuster. ‘Someone\’92s Pocket‘ and ‘I Should Die Today‘ struck me as sonically reminiscent of ‘Rhymesayers current roster’s sound. Perhaps Soul Khan will be the next underground Brooklynite to sign with a mid-major (Homeboy Sandman).

Soul even mixes in nicely on the uncharacteristically Hip Hop reggae jam, ‘Mr. Governor.‘ While the soundscapes may differ on ‘Pursuance, the goal is the same further achievement within Hip Hop and life in general. With every new release, Soul Khan’s musical and mental development grows more palpable. He continues to seesaw on the brink of crossover acclaim.

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