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April 6, 201417 days ago

J57 in Culture Complex

J57 sits down with Culture Complex and discusses his process for creating, inspirations, & his future.

My Style Is Inspired By: J57 from Rai Monique on Vimeo.

October 2, 20136 months ago

RESPECT Magazine Sits Down With Soul Khan

Soul Khan got the chance to talk with RESPECT Magazine got this summer. Here’s the first of their three part interview.
September 8, 20137 months ago

Village Voice Interviews J57 In 'Tweets Is Watching'

Funny interview based on J57's tweet timeline:

J57 holds it down as part of the Brown Bag AllStars crew, but earlier this week he released a full-length project in tandem with Blame One. Titled Walk In The Sun, the album has also birthed a video for the track "How Much Time's Left." Being that the two artists originally met via Twitter, it seemed appropriate to rummage through J57's timeline. Here's his vital chat on vinyl hunts with Marco Polo, his all-star hip-hop apartment moving team, and the likelihood of a Brown Bag AllStars podcast. Click here to read the full interview on Village Voice.
August 16, 20138 months ago

Funk by Funk Interview (Audio)

Mark Ski from Funk by Funk interviewed Soul Khan recently. The two discussed discovering new artists, the state of hip hop, & how he makes his music. Listen to the interview with below:

August 14, 20138 months ago

Dopefuture Interviews Audible Doctor

Dopefuture sat down with the homie Audible Doctor for a quick chat. Check out what he had to say about his inspirations and the key to success here.
July 28, 20138 months ago

Still Proud Clothing Interviews J57

Brown Bag Allstar J57 (producer/MC) recently sat down for an interview with Still Proud Clothing. Check out the interview below:

J57 is a bit of an oddity in today’s saturated hip-hop scene. I say this because he’s multi-faceted in that he produces, creates beats, and when time permits, can even hold his own on the mic. As a Long Island native that now resides in Brooklyn, he first got a glimpse of what was to come when he started to work at the infamous Fat Beats Records (circa 2004) where he would meet the future members of the hip-hop collective known as the Brown Bag Allstars. Click here to read more
December 29, 20121 year ago

SYFFAL Feature: I haven't yet publicly feuded with anyone important via Twitter

Soul Khan makes you want to smoke European cigarettes and drive exotic two seat sports cars around with one hand on the wheel and one arm around that gal you just met in customs with the oversized sunglasses. This fucker has the feel of experience and rich leather. Click here to read the full interview.
December 28, 20121 year ago

Village Voice Feature: Soul Khan Makes Music For the Audience, Not Himself

Better late than never...

Soul Khan, one of the fastest rising stars in the New York hip-hop indie-ground, is preparing to add one more entry to his already prolific catalog with his Psalm EP. It's the fourth and final part of his Love Supreme series, with this installment produced entirely by Abnormal.

It's out today, and tomorrow Khan's celebrating with a release show at Brooklyn's Public Assembly. We spoke to the Brown Bag All Star about the one-producer one-MC dynamic, life after battling and where he would be if Fat Beats were still in business. Click to here read more.
December 27, 20121 year ago Feature: Soul Khan of Brown Bag Allstars On “Not F*cking Around”

With fresh new music on his latest EP, Psalm, a new wife, and a whole new world around him, Brooklyn’s underground phenom Soul Khan is stepping out of the box and giving it another go-round with a new sound and flavor to his already infamous husky voice. caught up with the brainy member of Brown Bag AllStars for a frank discussion on his previous battle days, his philosophy on what keeps him hot in a rap world full of Ratchetry Worship, and what this latest project means to him. Read on: 
December 20, 20121 year ago

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