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July 14, 20139 months ago Artist Of The Week

Big up to & Skyyhook for the love:

Soul Khan is off to one heck of a year already and judging by some of the work he put in on Soulstice III his colleagues should be afraid, yes, they should be very afraid...  (Click here to read more)
November 11, 20121 year ago

Nino Bless Collabo

Contributed to Nino's recent mixtape. Think you'll like it, check it out and download his music:
November 19, 20112 years ago

@DJBooth Feature: Lord Knows Freestyle

Brown Bag All Star’s Soul Khan is dangerous on the microphone, case-in-point his latest offering over the Just Blaze production from Drake’s Lord Knows. Read more
September 18, 20112 years ago

BET Follow Friday Presents: @Soulkhan

Watch it, Share it... Thanks to @bethedigital for the support.

September 13, 20112 years ago

Thanks To DJ Booth For The Feature

DJ Booth featured the new cut "Lord Khan Almighty" from the Resolution EP last week.  Here's a little blurb from their post, click the link to read more:

Founder of what would become the largest contiguous empire in the history of the world, Genghis Khan is, to this day, synonymous with “fearsome conqueror.” Thus far, Booth fave Soul Khan hasn’t shown that kind of ambition, instead focusing on cultivating an ardent underground following—but perhaps he was simply biding his time... Click to read the rest at
July 23, 20112 years ago

Red Bull: The Rap - Up Feature

Cool feature by Soren Baker on the "Speeding Bullets" video.  Check out what he writes.