Psalm EP


raps by soul khan
beats by abnormal except deejay element on “not like that”
hooks sung by akie bermiss, arthur lewis, nicholas ryan gant, and then all three of them in beautiful unison
mixed by audible doctor
artwork by tiki takaoka


The Machine

Morning Alone
Rusted Ghosts
Not Like That

Album Reviews

Soul Khan drops insightful lyrics that bounce back and forth between devil’s advocate, b-boy posturing and searcher with a voice that sounds like it spent the past 35 years smoking Marlboro reds and drinking heavy drank. shit is soulful in a way that makes you feel like a child listening to his cool uncle who is really into jazz, loose women and travels around a little too much tell you stories that make your parents uncomfortable; not because they are tawdry but because they feel a little to truthy.